Tax Office


Sherri Wilkins
Tax Administrator  

Rosa Kornegay
Assistant Assessor
Darlene Harrison
Deputy Tax Administrator  
Christal Watkins
Delinquent Tax Coordinator
Jerrian Arnold
Tax Clerk  
Tax Clerk
Hollie Respass
Land Record Coordinator

About Us

The Washington County Tax Office is governed by Chapter 105 of the NC General Statutes. Our office is designed to enforce the tax statutes in a manner that is equitable to all taxpayers. The statutory function of our office is to list, assess, and collect taxes on all real estate and personal property situated in Washington County.

Washington County Property

Washington County occupies approximately 213,000+ acres consisting of 10,000 parcels of real estate. Approximately 18% of our real and personal property tax base is tax-exempt.

FAQs About Tax Foreclosures (PDF)
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When do I list personal property?

 During the month of January.

Can I get an extension on listing?

        Yes, if filed by January 31 extensions are granted until April 15.

When are my county taxes due?

        September 1

What is the interest rate on delinquent taxes?

        2% in January and 3/4% each month thereafter.

When is the first Board of Equalization and Review held?

        First Monday in April.

When are my county taxes delinquent?

        January 6, to avoid interest pay by January 5.

When are tax liens advertised?

        Third week in April.