Real Property Listings

Below are all Real Properties available for potential purchase from Washington County.

Interested parties should complete the “Real Property Interest & Surplus Form” for each separate parcel and return it following the directions on the form.

Available Unlisted Properties

411 Brinkley-Plymouth

521 Monroe St- Plymouth

Park Ave/ Cranberry St- Plymouth

Active Properties

203 West Ave – Plymouth
Bidding begins 11/6/2023
203 West Ave Bidding Link
90 Cumberland Road- Plymouth
Bidding begins 11/6/2023
90 Cumberland St Bid Link
134 Daisy Lane – Roper
Bidding begins 11/6/2023
134 Daisy Ln Bidding Link
403 Hortontontown Rd Roper
Bidding begins at 11/6/2023
403 Hortontown Rd Bidding Link

519 Jefferson St. Plymouth

Bidding Begins 12/11/2023

519 Jefferson St. Bidding Link

305 E. Fourth St. Plymouth

Bidding Begins 12/11/2023

W. Main St. Plymouth 6767572155

Bidding Begins 12/12/2023

W. Main St. Bidding Link