Animal Control


Washington County Sheriff’s Dept.
Phone (252) 793-2422
Fax (252) 793-3716

Landfill Road (off Hwy. 308 adjacent to county landfill)
PO Box 1007
Plymouth NC 27962

Hours of Operations:
Monday – Friday 8:30 to 4:30
Saturday 8:00 to 1 pm

What We Do

Animal Control collects stray or unwanted cats and dogs and attempts to find homes for them to reduce problems associated with stray animals.

Animal Adoption

You can adopt a pet from Animal Control for $15.00 plus a small fee for board and feed.

Spaying and Neutering

All dogs and cats should be vaccinated for rabies. If someone is bitten by a cat or dog, that animal must be impounded for 10 days. Impoundment costs the owner $4/day…a total of $40.00.
A vaccination costs only $8 or $10.

Vaccination clinics are held each April at various points around the county. Look for notices in local papers advertising times and locations.

Fee Schedule

Fees to be collected by the Animal Control Officer or Building Inspections Office.

Animal Adoption
Animal Redemptions
 Impoundment: $5 per day times the number of animals, times the number of days = fee.
 First Offense$25
 Second Offense$50
 Third Offense $150
Collection for Resale Permit
 Annual permit fee$250

Signs of Rabies

Q:If I see a dog or wild animal I think may have rabies, what should I do?
A:Do not try and catch the animal! Call Animal Control immediately. If it is after normal hours of operation, call the Sheriff’s Dept.
Q:How do I know if an animal has rabies?
A:You cannot be sure an animal has rabies. If you see an animal acting “strangely”, such as staggering, foaming at the mouth, being very aggressive or acting as if it is sick, call Animal Control. In wild animals, unusual behavior might be the lack of fear or aggressiveness. Avoid these animals and call Animal Control immediately.

Animal Control Ordinances

Call Animal Control if you have any questions concerning issues listed above