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Veterans Services
Burl Walker, Washington County Veterans Service Officer


Office: 252-793-3197
Cell: 252-799-9764

Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30-12 and 1-5PM. By appointment only

The Washington County Veterans Service Officer advises local veterans and their dependants of their rights and entitlements under various Federal and State Laws. The Service Officer offers counseling and assistance in filling out necessary forms and papers, obtaining documents and affidavits and forwarding same to the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs for review.


Although the County Veterans Service Officer is employed by the County Commissioners, he/she is trained by and works under the supervision of a District Service Officer of the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs which assists him/her in difficult or unusual cases.

The following are a sample of services offered in Washington County:

  • Advises local veterans and their dependants of their rights and benefits and guides them in choosing the most advantageous option in matters of insurance, pension, et cetera.
  • Selects and prepares proper forms for submission to the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies.
  • Assists persons being served in obtaining legal documents, medical statements and affidavits, and in preparing letters and statements in support of claims.
  • Assists in gaining admission of eligible veterans hospitals, including the porcess of commitment of veterans who are mentally ill.
  • Assists children of veterans in obtaining educational benefits to which they may be entitled.
  • Advises and assists servicemen about service-related disabilities.
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