Washington County
Administrative Building
116 Adams St.
PO Box 1007
Plymouth, NC 27962
Phone: 252-793-5823
Fax: 252-793-1183
Email: jbennett@washconc.org

Planning & Inspections
205 East Main Street, Plymouth, NC
PO Box 1007
Plymouth, NC. 27962

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
8:30am to 5:00pm
Contacts For Permit Info

Allen Pittman
Planning @ Inspections Director
Phone: 252-793-4114
Email: planningdirector@washconc.org
Connie Barnes
Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 252-793-4114
Email: cbarnes@washconc.org

Washington County Building Permit Fee Schedule for fiscal year 2009-2010 (pdf file)

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What We Do
This office is responsible for the enforcement of the North Carolina Building Codes. As mandated by the General Statutes of NC. We are governed by the North Carolina Dept. Of Insurance which is located at 410 N. Boylan Ave. Raleigh, N.C. 27603, Ph 919-733-3901.

These codes are by reference: N.C. Building Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, CABO/ one and two family, Fire Code, NC Manufactured Home Code, and the National Electrical Code.

Building Permit Fees
The following are some of the different types of required permits, for Washington County:

  • SECTION 1: Authority
  • SECTION 2: Mobile Homes and Modular Housing
  • SECTION 3: Light Construction – Utility Building, Storage, Private, Garages, Et Cetera
  • SECTION 4: New Construction – Residential and Commercial
  • SECTION 5: Alterations, Repairs, Piers, Bulkheads, Waterway Structure, Installations of Greenhouse
  • SECTION 6: Swimming Pools
  • SECTION 7: Electrical
  • SECTION 8: Restoration of Electrical Services
  • SECTION 9: Mechanical Permits
  • SECTION 10: Duel Fuel Permits
  • SECTION 11: Insulation
  • SECTION 12: Vinyl Siding Permits
  • SECTION 13: Shingles
  • SECTION 14: Sign Permits
  • SECTION 15: Beer/Wine (Fire/Building Inspections)
  • SECTION 16: Daycare Inspection
  • SECTION 17: Plumbing Permits
  • SECTION 18: Courtesy or Change of Occupancy Inspection
  • SECTION 19: Demolitions
  • SECTION 20: Re-Inspections
  • SECTION 21: G.S. 87–15.6
  • SECTION 22: FEMA Development Permit – Residential and Commercial
  • SECTION 23: Enforcements
  • SECTION 24: Appeals
  • SECTION 25: Severability
  • SECTION 27: Exemptions
  • SECTION 28: Definitions
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