Washington County
Administrative Building
116 Adams St.
PO Box 1007
Plymouth, NC 27962
Phone: 252-793-5823
Fax: 252-793-1183
Email: jbennett@washconc.org

Board of Elections
Board of Election Members
Chairman: Constance Garrett
Secretary: Melinda Porter
Member::  Adam Culbertson.
                General James
                Thomas Patrick
Sample ballots can be found on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website
Voters will not be required to show photo ID for the March 3, 2020, primary election.
In a December 31 order, a federal district court blocked North Carolina’s voter photo ID requirement from taking effect. The injunction will remain in place until further order of the court.
This page will be updated when new information is available.

Effective immediately, the County Board of Elections will stop issuing
Voter ID cards to the public.
Dora Bell
Director of Elections
Phone: 793-6017
Email: elections@washconc.org

116 Adams Street
PO Box 1007
Plymouth NC 27962-1007

Phone (252) 793-6017
Fax (252) 793-5801
E-mail elections@washconc.org 

What We Do

Register voters, conduct elections, speak to groups about elections. The Board of Elections must ensure fair and open elections for all eligible voters.

Washington County Voting Places

You must vote at your designated voting place. You will receive notification of your correct voting place when you register to vote. The following are the voting places in Washington County:

Lees Mill (LM) Washington County Roper Annex (formerly Windows on the World  100 NC Hwy 32 N
Plymouth 1 (P1) County Administrative
116 Adams. St.
Plymouth, NC 27962-1007
Plymouth 2 (P2) Plymouth Housing
306 W. Water St.
Plymouth, NC 27962-1007
Plymouth 3 (P3) Plymouth Municipal Airport  1069 Airport Road
Plymouth, NC 27962-1007
Scuppernong (SC) Somerset Community Building  100 Somerset Court
Creswell, NC  27928 
Skinnersville (SK) Mid-County Volunteer Fire Department  18135 NC Hwy 32 N
Roper, NC  27970 
Fees & Services

Upon receipt of a written request, any person can obtain a hard copy of registered voters. Hard copies are $.25 per page. If information can be sent via email as an attachment or to a website, there is no charge. The State chair of a political party and the county chairs can receive free lists in accordance with NCGS 163–82.10 (c).

Our Services Include:

  • Voter registration
  • Provide jurisdiction maps
  • Voter registration statistics and details
  • Speakers for public groups.
Q. Where do I go to vote?
A. Washington County has six precincts in the county and you must vote in your correct precinct. Upon registration, a voter will be sent a voter registration card for information purposes which includes his or her voting precinct. (See Voting Places above)
Q. What is the registration deadline to be eligible to vote?
A. In order to vote in an election, the Application to Register to Vote form must be postmarked or delivered to the Board of Elections office no later than the 25th day before that election. In addition, the applicant must be a resident of North Carolina and the county for 30 days before the election.
Q. If I register to vote will my name then be on the list for jury duty?
A. Jury duty lists are drawn from both voter registration lists and from the Division of Motor Vehicles so it would be unfortunate for you pass up your opportunity to vote simply to avoid jury duty.
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